Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Week of Snowstorms? Forecasters Don't See It That Way Now

All that talk of another week of snowstorms that we heard last week seems to be fading. As of late Saturday night, Boston area forecasters are in general agreement that the event for Monday night/Tuesday is likely to be light. There also seems to be consensus that a late week snow possibility is likely to miss Boston to the southeast. We'll keep tracking to see if the prognostications change.

Looks like this pooch will get a break from the snow blitz this week.
Here's what the weather dudes are saying about prospects for snow on Monday night into Tuesday:
WHDH: 1-3 inches possible
WCVB: light snow; not much accumulation
WBZ: a chance of showers changing to a brief period of snow early Tuesday
FOX: mixed bag of precip; not a big storm at all
NWS: snow likely Monday night and Tuesday; no mention of accumulations
NECN: Another round of snow; doesn't look too heavy.
Tomorrow, we'll assign grades to the local weathercasters on their performance in handling Saturday night's system. The progressive forecast by weather outlet leading up to the event can be found here.

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